Emily & Rich's Colourful Farm Wedding in Derbyshire

Well, what can I say? Emily & Rich's day was full to bursting with colour, creativity & the most beautiful views of Derbyshire. I set off super early to drive over to the farm, I was aware my Sat Nav probably wouldn't work out in the countryside & of course, I arrived at my "destination" to find a gated dead end! Luckily I'd done a quick run though of my journey on google maps and found the farm with time to spare!

St. Bartholomew's Church in Blore is probably one of the most beautiful churches I've ever had the chance to photograph. Surrounded by views of the Peak District & framed by blue skies, I was quite taken a back when I pulled up. Rich had decorated the archway with wild flowers ready for Emily's arrival.

And what an entrance she made! Her father drove her over to the chuch in a bottle green Land Rover - the very same Land Rover Emily's parents had driven to the church in on their own wedding day. Emily walked down the aisle to a church full of her closest family & friends singing away - slightly unplanned as the church organ had broken but it just made it all the more special.

After the service ended it was back over to the farm where every last detail had been thought of. Emily's brother had cooked a feast for the guests, her Mum had hand embroidered each individual napkin & their friend had decorated the trees with lights. It seems like everyone had played their part in making their day as incredible as it was. I still can't quite believe how many talented friends the pair have!

Much to everyone's delight, there were animals everywhere, sheep, ducks, chickens, dogs & a horse who spent the day trotting around looking very excited at the days events! Emily & Rich had provided bags of feed for the whole menagerie so there was hours of fun to be had wandering round feeding them all.