Rachel & Kristian's Sunny Welsh Pre-Shoot in Anglesey

North Wales Engagement Shoot

Rachel & Kristian


North Wales Wedding Photography // Anglesey Engagement Shoot

I’ll forever be grateful to Rachel & Kristian for introducing me to the beautiful Newborough beach in Anglesey! We booked a date in for their pre-shoot months in advance and with the pair travelling up from London, a lot was riding on the weather being on our side.

We got so lucky! Not only was it dry, it was sunny, warm & the beach looked incredible!

Rachel & Kristian, you guys were perfect! Counting down the day’s now till I’m back in Anglesey for your wedding :)


Joanne & Damien's Autumnal Pre-Shoot with Frank the Frenchie, Cheshire

delamere forest wedding shoot, cheshire

A lot of couples want their pre-wedding shoot to be during the summer months, which is understandable... but if you catch the right day in Autumn, just look what you can achieve!

Those colours and that light at 2pm on a fresh November's day... just perfect.

Joanne & Damien you were a delight to photograph and I literally cannot wait to see what you've been planning for May!

And last but not least, a big shout out to Frank, the Frenchie <3


Kira & Rock's Pre-Wedding Shoot around the French Concession in Shanghai


Four weeks ago, I packed up my camera & laptop and set off to spend a month in China. Whilst I couldn't wait for a bit of a break before a busy summer, I also couldn't resist planning a shoot or two for whilst I was away!

Based mainly in Shanghai I had so much time to explore the city and fall a little bit in love with it. The French Concession is such a beautiful area & definitely one of my favourite places to spend time, each street is shaded with tree's, there's more coffee shops than you could ever imagine & it's got a quiet sleepy atmosphere that's hard to find in an Asian city - it was the perfect location for Kira & Rock's pre-shoot as well as being the first place they lived together. 

Kira first moved to Shanghai as a student on a placement year and soon fell in love with the city. After finishing her degree back home she moved back to Shanghai, met Rock two months later & the rest is history! They get married in Austria in a couple of weeks (and again in Beijing a few weeks after that,) so the shoot was a perfect way for them to celebrate their engagement.