Alice & Glenn's Woodland Tipi Wedding at Stanley Villa Farm, Lancashire



Stanley Villa Farm Wedding, Lancashire Wedding Photography

Alice & Glenn chose to be married at the amazing Stanley Villa Farm, near Preston. As I arrived at the farm I was so excited! There was a beautiful lake, stunning scenery & the 'glamping' pods looked super cool dotted amongst the fields... But it just kept getting better! 

Round the corner there was a huge tipi set up ready for the wedding reception, complete with a fire pit & fairy lights. Behind the tipi was a small path leading right into the thick of the forest to a small clearing surrounded by trees, the lovely Amy from Sweetpea & Ivy had been busy setting up hay bails, arches & embroidered throws ready for Alice & Glenn's ceremony in the woods!

It really was one of the most beautiful services I've ever seen & it was filled with the touching moments & traditions of a Hand-fasting ceremony. After Alice & Glenn had exchanged their vows the rings were passed round their guests for each person to bless the couple & their family, three of the couples closest friends were then invited to wrap ribbons round Alice & Glenn's hands, each ribbon representing a part of their marriage & their new bonds as husband and wife.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating till the sun went down (and much, much later,) filled to the brim with rustic wedding, glamping loveliness!