Sarah & Tez's West Tower Wedding in Lancashire


I met Sarah & Tez back in 2014 when Sarah was bridesmaid for one of my lovely couples, Nikki & Kyle.

After a bit of a rainy start to the day, the idea of a glorious sunset seemed a million miles away but come 7pm, the skies started to clear and I was on standby for that magical 'golden hour' lighting. I must of checked outside 1000 times trying to time it perfectly, but the later it got, the more the sun disappeared behind the clouds. In the end we left it as late as we could and headed back to the most picturesque corn field you've ever seen to make the most of what little evening sun there was.

I must of taken two or three shots when the clouds moved and the sun came blazing out. It could not of been more perfect timing and we were left with, quite possibly, the best lighting I've ever had chance to shoot with at a wedding!

Corn field + Sunset = Wedding Photographer's Dreammmm...