My Great Big 2015 Blog Post!


I honestly don't know where to start. 

Thirty-two wonderfully unique weddings, a handful of engagement shoots, a game-changing workshop in the beautiful Santa Maria, Italy (with THE best bunch of people,) shooting on the golden beaches of Goa & attending my first ever Indian wedding in Chennai (whilst wearing my very own saree!)

This past year has been perfect, being able to earn a living doing something you absolutely, whole-heartedly love to do is bliss & the icing on the cake? Meeting you lovely lot.

It's taken me the best part of a week to go through all my 2015 weddings and select out my favorite moments from each one. I'll be honest, in my post-Christmas turkey & prosecco daze - it's a job I'd been putting off for a while but once I got started, I couldn't stop.

I couldn't believe how many amazing couples I've had the opportunity to photograph in just one year and looking through the thousands of images I've taken and reminiscing about each and every one of your beautiful days was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

A huuuge thank-you to all of my couples for making 2015 a year to never forget! <3

Bring on 2016!