2016 Blog Post

My Rather Large End of Year Blog


When looking at the year that lay ahead last January, I suspected 2016 may be a slightly quieter year than 2015. 

Oh how I was wrong!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing thirty six of you lovely couples this year. I’ve shot a styled shoot in Paris & weddings in both Ibiza & Italy. I camped in the Welsh woods with 100+ talented wedding photographers where I learned *ahem* partied ALOT & I’ve watched, learned & listened to some of the best wedding photographers in the world.

It’s been marvellous.

Going through each and every wedding & engagement shoot I’ve shot this year has been exhausting but so so worth it to look at all your smiling faces and relive each day again. 

I tried my hardest to narrow down on the amount of images I’d include in this blog, but it got to stage where I just couldn’t cut anymore out!

Enjoy :)