Leanne & Andrew's Lakeside Wedding on The Wirral

Leanne & Andrew tied the knot in the beautiful St. Andrew's church just at the bottom of their road. It was a rainy start to the day but we all had our fingers crossed that the sun would come out later on. After the ceremony it was still chucking it down so the newly wed's made a fittingly grand exit through a shower of confetti!

Next stop was the Lakeside Marquee at Thornton Manor on the Wirral, by the time everyone arrived the rain was coming down thick and fast so everyone piled into a Pinterest worthy marquee to start off the celebrations. We decided to start shooting the groups inside as it was too wet to drag everyone out in their wedding finery - but after 10 minutes the skies magically cleared so Leanne, Andy & I raced out to shoot their portraits!

The Lakeside has the perfect photo worthy locations all within a few metres of the Marquee! The flowers were in full bloom and the grey skies didn't dampen how beautiful the surroundings were. The weather continued to get better and better throughout the day & the sun even made a evening appearance!


Alex & Owen's Chic & Stylish 1920's Wedding at Trevor Hall in North Wales

After a whole wedding-free month I couldn't wait to kick start the official wedding season with Alex & Owen's 20's glam wedding at Trevor Hall in North Wales. When I met with Alex & Owen before the wedding, it was so lovely to hear how much work the pair had put into planning their perfect day. They had thought through every tiny detail - hot air balloon lanterns, a 20's style dressing up corner, swing dance performances & hiring a vintage car to park up outside the hall all day!

Trevor Hall isn't your typical "wedding venue." You hire the hall for a set amount of days (through Air B&B) and do whatever you like whilst you're there. So Alex, Owen & a few special guests moved into the hall a few days before the wedding to start the celebrations early. It was great how at home everyone seemed the morning of the wedding. The guests each had their own allocated bedrooms, decorated in a unique, eccentric style... naturally Alex and her bridesmaids had opted to get ready in the Four Poster room!

After everyone was ready it was time to head down the short woodland path to Trevor Hall's very own on site church. The doorway had been decorated in a beautiful floral archway and there was views of the welsh countryside between the tree's. After an intimate ceremony in the little stone church, it was back up to the hall to start the celebrations.

After a glass of bubbly or two (for the newlyweds, not me!) Alex, Owen & I headed out to shoot their portraits. It was still raining but Alex was an absolute trooper & insisted we started as planned anyway! We made the most of the Wisteria being in full bloom & popped into the Orangery too whilst the guests were happily admiring their handiwork over in the marquee.

Alex & Owen, you should be so proud of what an incredible day you planned <3


Kira & Rock's Pre-Wedding Shoot around the French Concession in Shanghai


Four weeks ago, I packed up my camera & laptop and set off to spend a month in China. Whilst I couldn't wait for a bit of a break before a busy summer, I also couldn't resist planning a shoot or two for whilst I was away!

Based mainly in Shanghai I had so much time to explore the city and fall a little bit in love with it. The French Concession is such a beautiful area & definitely one of my favourite places to spend time, each street is shaded with tree's, there's more coffee shops than you could ever imagine & it's got a quiet sleepy atmosphere that's hard to find in an Asian city - it was the perfect location for Kira & Rock's pre-shoot as well as being the first place they lived together. 

Kira first moved to Shanghai as a student on a placement year and soon fell in love with the city. After finishing her degree back home she moved back to Shanghai, met Rock two months later & the rest is history! They get married in Austria in a couple of weeks (and again in Beijing a few weeks after that,) so the shoot was a perfect way for them to celebrate their engagement.


Camille & Thomas's Rainy Shanghai Shoot in Yuyuan Gardens

We narrowed down the dates we were all available to shoot on and realised we only had one possible day, the day before Camille flew back to France after four and a half months in Shanghai - which felt like a great way to mark her &  Thomas's time in the city together!

The morning of the 4th came around and it was chucking it down so we decided to postpone the shoot until that afternoon to see if the rain would ease off.. It didn't! Left with no other date to rearrange to, we decided to embrace the rain and go ahead anyway.

And I'm so glad we did! 


Emily & Rich's Colourful Farm Wedding in Derbyshire

Emily & Rich


Farm Wedding Photography, Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Well, what can I say? Emily & Rich's day was full to bursting with colour, creativity & the most beautiful views of Derbyshire. I set off super early to drive over to the farm, I was aware my Sat Nav probably wouldn't work out in the countryside & of course, I arrived at my "destination" to find a gated dead end! Luckily I'd done a quick run though of my journey on google maps and found the farm with time to spare!

St. Bartholomew's Church in Blore is probably one of the most beautiful churches I've ever had the chance to photograph. Surrounded by views of the Peak District & framed by blue skies, I was quite taken a back when I pulled up. Rich had decorated the archway with wild flowers ready for Emily's arrival.

And what an entrance she made! Her father drove her over to the chuch in a bottle green Land Rover - the very same Land Rover Emily's parents had driven to the church in on their own wedding day. Emily walked down the aisle to a church full of her closest family & friends singing away - slightly unplanned as the church organ had broken but it just made it all the more special.

After the service ended it was back over to the farm where every last detail had been thought of. Emily's brother had cooked a feast for the guests, her Mum had hand embroidered each individual napkin & their friend had decorated the trees with lights. It seems like everyone had played their part in making their day as incredible as it was. I still can't quite believe how many talented friends the pair have!

Much to everyone's delight, there were animals everywhere, sheep, ducks, chickens, dogs & a horse who spent the day trotting around looking very excited at the days events! Emily & Rich had provided bags of feed for the whole menagerie so there was hours of fun to be had wandering round feeding them all.


Lauren & Mat's Easter Wedding at Tower Hill Barns, North Wales


I first met Lauren & Mat all those years ago in high school... fast forward 15 years & I had the honour of photographing their wedding day & watching them become husband and wife after 11 years together.

I headed over to Tower Hill Barns in Wrexham and met Lauren & the girls getting ready in the new cottages, which by the way, are gorgeous! It was so exciting for me to walk into bridal prep and be greeted by a room full of school friends. As the girls finished up getting ready, I headed into the barn to see how Mat was doing before the ceremony. It was such a great moment to see him stood there with "the boys from school" a.k.a the groomsmen, lined up next to him wedding ready in their suits.

Lauren looked beautiful walking down the aisle in her beaded dress, bouquet made by her mum & a big smile on her face. After the ceremony it was back to the bar to celebrate the occasion as me Lauren & Mat headed out into the sunshine for their portraits. We were shortly joined by the son Louis who loved the suggestion of Mum & Dad swinging him round the field!

I know I'm probably a bit biased but I had SO much fun. Photographing a friends wedding really doesn't feel like work in the slightest, being able to witness their day was an absolute pleasure & a day I'll always remember.

Thanks so much for inviting me to share your day with you :)


Lauren & Ian's blue skies & blossom tree wedding at combermere abbey


Lauren & Ian could not have picked a better day for their wedding at Combermere Abbey in Whitchurch. It was the hottest day of the year and there wasn't a cloud in the sky which was so so lucky for April, however what was more lucky was that the sunshine and blue skies were perfectly complimented by the apple tree's being absolutely covered in blossom!

I started the day down in the Stone Lodge with Lauren and her bridesmaids, then popped over the see Ian and the groomsmen in the Courtyard Cottages. Everyone was busy getting ready and there was a great atmosphere all round. After everyone was wedding-ready I headed back to the Glasshouse to find a very teary eyed Groom, caught up in the emotions of it all (much to the amusement of his best men!)

Having never been to Combermere Abbey before, walking into the grounds and seeing them at their fullest potential was quite breathtaking and I wasn't the only one to think so. I could hear the guests gasping as they turned the corner and headed through the tree's to the Glasshouse.

Lauren looked absolutely beautiful as she walked down the aisle in a Ronald Joyce wedding dress & Jimmy Choo's. After a touching and emotional ceremony the guests headed out of the Glasshouse to the centre of the Maze to shower the newly wed's in confetti and start the celebrations off as they mean to carry on!


Nia & Joe's Sunny March Wedding at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales


It feels like a lifetime ago that I met Nia & Joe in Chester to discuss their wedding plans but as usual, the build up to their big day flew by and the next thing we knew, it was here!

The day before the wedding had been glorious, blue skies & warm sunshine (not your typical March weather at all.) I went to bed with all of my fingers and toes crossed in the hope that the weather would last for the wedding and as you can tell, it did! I started the day off photographing Nia & her bridesmaids getting ready at their home in Cheshire. As a photographer, you never quite know what to expect when you walk into the house the morning of the wedding but I was greeted by smiles and such a calm & relaxed atmosphere. I could tell it was going to be a good day right from the off!

Nia & Joe got married in St. Deiniol's Church in Hawarden, North Wales, a beautiful little church in North Wales with lovely grounds surrounding it. After a touching ceremony it was time to jump in the car and head over to Tower Hill Barns to celebrate & make the most of the sunshine.

I know I've said several times already but the weather was PERFECT. Once we got to Tower Hill we left the guests to it and headed into the nearby field to wander round in the sunshine and create some beautiful portraits. We even got a sunset... IN MARCH!


James & Rosie's Winter Wedding at Thornton Manor

I spent the whole of January itching to shoot James & Rosie's wedding at Thornton Manor. I had six long weeks without a wedding which I thought was going to be great, but in reality after a week or two, all I wanted to do was get back to work! And what a perfect wedding it was to kick start 2017!

I arrived at Thornton Manor early so I could scout out the grounds and get some shots of the hall. The sun was beaming and the sky was that perfect blue colour that we don't see as often as we would like, it was the perfect Winters day.

As the girls were sipping champagne in their suite, I headed out ready to catch James & his best man arriving. Rosie had won some serious wife points and surprised James that morning with a bright red, super stylish E-Type Jag. Now I'm not a huge car enthusiast but this car was undeniably cool!

It was one of those weddings that no matter which direction you looked in, everyone was having fun. As the evening came we headed out with sparklers to honour those who couldn't be there, then it was back inside to continue the celebrations, complete with one of the best first dances I've ever witnessed, a surprise Beyonce tribute from one of the bridal team & a grandma who owned the dancefloor!


2016 Blog Post

My Rather Large End of Year Blog


When looking at the year that lay ahead last January, I suspected 2016 may be a slightly quieter year than 2015. 

Oh how I was wrong!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing thirty six of you lovely couples this year. I’ve shot a styled shoot in Paris & weddings in both Ibiza & Italy. I camped in the Welsh woods with 100+ talented wedding photographers where I learned *ahem* partied ALOT & I’ve watched, learned & listened to some of the best wedding photographers in the world.

It’s been marvellous.

Going through each and every wedding & engagement shoot I’ve shot this year has been exhausting but so so worth it to look at all your smiling faces and relive each day again. 

I tried my hardest to narrow down on the amount of images I’d include in this blog, but it got to stage where I just couldn’t cut anymore out!

Enjoy :)