How would you describe your photography style?

Colourful & relaxed, with a touch of creativity & non of the cheese!

What is 'RElaxed' wedding photography?

Relaxed wedding photography basically means that I'll capture your day in a very informal style, capturing the emotions and celebrations of your wedding day and avoiding the overly posed and cheesy shots that can be awkward & unnatural. To me, there is no comparison between capturing a shared moment of laughter to asking someone to smile and say cheese! Relaxed wedding photography is also a great way of giving you as much uninterrupted time as possible to yourselves and with your guests.


But do you do 'Formal' shots too?

That is entirely up to you, some couples prefer not to have any & some think it's important to have a few formal-ish portraits with their friends and family dolled up in their wedding gear. I suggest that between 6-8 groups is the perfect amount to avoid having you and your guests standing around too long but also gives plenty of room to have all of your family & wedding party included! And then there's the photos of the two of you...

What actually are 'The portraits'?

The only set idea of your portraits are that they are photographs of you and your partner. 99% of my couples don’t like the idea of getting in front of the camera & I completely empathise with that! Whatever your feelings are, I will make this part of your day as relaxed & enjoyable as possible! These photographs are usually taken at your venue however some couples arrange a quick detour after their ceremony to do their newly-wed portraits somewhere else, we may be passing a location that means a lot to you both or...

We want to do something a bit different for our newly-wed portraits...

Fabulous! I LOVE creative idea's and will always accommodate any requests where I can! Whether you would like to take a detour through the woods, ride a horse in your wedding dress or go for a sunset paddle in the sea together I would love to help you get the photographs that you deserve :)

For those who really want to do something that stands out from the rest, but maybe can't think of anything yourself... Let me know! I can do some research into the area's surrounding your venues and see what I can come up with.

We're really nervous about having our photograph taken, will you direct us?

Every couple is different & it's hard for you to predict how you'll actually feel in front of the camera when it comes down to it (especially after a glass or two of champagne..) It's my job to judge just how much or how little direction each couple needs whilst keeping everything as relaxed and fun as possible. And remember, the majority of my couples have never had professional photographs taken before & you can't deny how absolutely gorgeous they look! Still need your nerves calming?

What's the point in a pre-wedding shoot?

Apart from getting some beautiful photographs of you both, a pre-wedding shoot can be a great way for us to get to know each other better, getting used to being photographed & help you relax in front of the camera on your big day! Add a pre-wedding shoot onto your package for £250 :)

What's a 2nd Shooter & do I need one?

A second shooter is where your main photographer hires a second photographer to catch parts of the day the main photographer can't. Having a second photographer can be a great way of covering both of your morning's in full, as well as catching different angles during your ceremony & more guest shots throughout the day.


If I’m with you for a full day you will receive a minimum of 400 images. There’s absolutely no limit to how many images you’ll receive though. After the wedding I cull through your images, getting rid of the blinks, blurs & duplicates. Absolutely every image that you’d want to see will be given to you! You will receive your full collection of images up to nine weeks after your wedding day, however you will of already seen your beautiful preview gallery consisting of 50-100 images two weeks after your wedding!

How many hours will you be photographing for?

A typical full day will start two before your ceremony is due to start, I will then work through until just after your first dance, or around 9pm! The only time I put my camera down is when you sit down for your wedding breakfast, firstly because no-one wants a photograph of themselves with their mouth full - but it also gives me a chance to re-fuel ready to join you on the dancefloor too! A typical full day's package is 8-10 hours however I can do more or less depending on what you need.

Are you insured?

I am fully insured for public liability, professional indemnity and theft/damage to my kit. I also carry two cameras, two flash guns, multiple lenses & enough batteries and memory cards to shoot two, if not three weddings on! Your images are stored on their original memory cards & backed up on two external hard drives, as well as online. Safety first!


How long have you been shooting weddings?

I shot my first wedding back in 2014 & have since photographed over 200 amazing weddings & elopements! I actually first picked up a camera when I was 15 for my GSCE in Art & whet on to gaining my degree in Photography too :)

Where are you based and will you travel?

I live in Didsbury, South Manchester and am often over in Chester too. That being said, I photograph weddings all over the country & far far away! As for destination weddings...

Do you do destination weddings?

I love weddings, I love photography and I love travelling so of course I can cover destination weddings! I am also willing to negotiate prices for destination wedding packages, especially when travelling to countries on my tick list! Get in touch and tell me all about your day and I will do my very best for you :)

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