I want to know as much about you guys as possible, so I thought it was only fair I give you a little bit of information about me! 

- I live in Didsbury, South Manchester but grew up in a little village just outside Chester

- I absolutely love to travel & have been lucky enough to visit some amazing countries over the last few years. Destination Weddings are my absolute dream come true <3

- Sandwiches are my all time favourite food & red wine is my drink of choice

- The first wedding I ever photographed was my Uncles & I have now shot over 100 fabulous weddings & elopements!

- I studied photography in Uni where we all got told never to get into wedding photography. 

- I'm a huge organisation freak. Which is great when it comes to my work life, but I can be a bit "Monica" when I'm planning holidays or trips

- I write lists just so I can cross things off my lists. There, I said it.

- I will be (nearly) as excited as you are the night before your wedding!

- I've just bought my first home with my lovely boyfriend therefore visit Home Sense approximately 3 times a week & have an addiction to succulents.

- I love Grey's Anatomy & I'm not even ashamed

- I have an irrational fear of Baked Beans 

- When I drive home after a wedding, I look like a crazy person smiling to myself the whole way back. This job gives me such a buzz & I love it!