I want to know as much about you guys as possible, so I thought it was only fair I give you some information about me! I currently live in Didsbury, Manchester - but shoot weddings all over the UK & beyond.

When I’m not shooting or geeking out at my desk editing, you’ll usually find me day dreaming about my next travel destination. The itchy feet officially started when I was 18 and my family booked a trip to Kenya. I was DREADING it. Flying & injections are not my strong points and this trip involved a lot of both… but as soon as I touched down & picked up my camera, I was sold. You can check out some of my favourite photographs taken on my travels by clicking here!

Other things I love include; sandwiches, stationary, Greys Anatomy, writing lists, crossing things off my lists, prosecco, my dog, homeware & jewellery, stamps in my passport & more prosecco…

Things I hate; baked beans

When I first picked up a camera back in high school, I dreamt of a career shooting fashion and for five or six years I worked really hard setting up huge collaborative shoots and edging my way into the industry. Just before the final year of my Photography Degree I came to realise that it wasn't the 'fashion' I was really interested in, the clothes & accessories were never important – it was the person in front of my lenses that captivated me.

When I shoot a wedding, I photograph everything that’s happening around me. The butterflies in your tummy, when you laugh till it hurts, the emotion filled tears, quiet loving exchanges & prosecco-fuelled dance moves.

Being able to freeze an emotion or a moment in time forever is a truly amazing thing. Eventually memories will fade and get blurred but a photograph will preserve those treasured moments indefinitely, so when you’re old & grey you can look back at your day and remember every second of it, as if it were yesterday.